Basic Calculus

Basic Calculus


Next Century Mathematics: Basic Calculus is a textbook designed to cater to the needs of Senior High School learners.

It builds on the topics covered in Pre-Calculus and on the learners’ knowledge of Functions. It is designed to prepare the learners to meet the challenges of Calculus and other Math subjects in the tertiary level. This textbook covers Limits and Continuity, Derivations, and Integration. With this book, the learner will have a deeper appreciation of the many applications of Math and will have the capability to engage in higher studies.

Author: Jesus P. Mercado

Coordinator: Fernando B. Orines

Copyright 2016

ISBN: 978-971-06-3930-4

Soaring 21st Century Mathematics Basic Calculus is a concept-based and learner-centered book intended for Senior High School students. This book covers Limits and Continuity, Derivations, and Integration.

This book intends to prepare the learners to meet the challenges of and engage in higher studies in connection with courses under Science and Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Author: Simon L. Chua, DT

Copyright 2016

ISBN: 978-971-06-3929-8