English This Way Prep A–C


K To 12 Curriculum Compliant Third Edition

English This Way

English This Way is a language program for English teachers and pupils who are more comfortable teaching and learning English using the traditional grammar approach. It puts heavy stress on the speaking and writing aspects of the English language while at the same time gives adequate treatment of the other areas of communication.



  • Cecilia B. Corsino
Level Authors
Preschool A Erlinda S. Avelino
Preschool B Chona H. Barraquias
Preschool C Chona H. Barraquias

The New Grade 1

Erlinda S. Avelino
The New Grade 2 Arlita T. Perez
The New Grade 3 Chona H. Barraquias
The New Grade 4 Wilma P. Gonzales
The New Grade 5 Leonila S. Navea
The New Grade 6 Elisa M. Robles