The Phoenix World of Reading K to 12


K To 12 Curriculum Compliant First Edition

The Phoenix World of Reading

The Phoenix World of Reading series offers a comprehensive range of learning experiences that include the development of phonics, comprehension, literature, and study and reference skills. Each lesson follows a carefully-structured design that leads to a holistic understanding of the total reading process. The program enables the pupils to read effectively by accessing prior knowledge, setting purposes, predicting story structure, and applying comprehension strategies.



  • Cecilia B. Corsino
Level Authors
Kindergarten 1 Alce M. Sentones
Kindergarten 2 Alce M. Sentones
The New Grade 1 Carol C. Espiritu
The New Grade 2 Carol C. Espiritu
The New Grade 3 Elisa M. Robles
The New Grade 4 Leonor L. Odronia
The New Grade 5 Jose Ramelle E. Javier
The New Grade 6 Victoria L. Magbag 
Valerie C. Bacasmas 
Rachel B. Santos