Dynamic Physics


Fully revised and enriched withthe latest breakthroughs in physics instruction,the book broadens the students’ knowl edge offundamental physics concepts. It enablesthe students to grasp concepts better througha rich assortment of applications of scientifictheories.
The third edition makes for a better physicscourse for teachers and students alike.

The third edition makes for a better physics             

course for teachers and students alike.

Dynamic Physics
For High School







Dynamic Physics Edited

  • Problems were recast for greater clarity and categorized into A and B depending
    on their difficulty.
  • There is a more extensive discus sion of the law of conservation of momentum.
  • Lessons on space travels— motions of satellites and space craft—are used as
    excellent applications of the law of gravity.
  • A section on laser development and technology is included.
  • The metric system is used throughout.

Jose F. Asperilla