You and the Natural World


The third edition of You and the Natural World series is the
product of a five-year collaboration between its authors and its users. Thus, teachers
and students alike are assured of its comprehensiveness, relevance, and readability.

You and the Natural World Series

Helps students unravel the marvels of science and discern its applications and
implications to modern society!

you and the natural world 3rd edition

  • Integrated Science systematically presents basic
    discussions of matter, motion,force, work, and energy. It highlights the
    importance of recycling and conserva tion of natural resources.
  • Biology accompanies students in their bid toward a more mean ingful
    understanding of the science of life. The inclusion of issues with moral and
    social implications intends to encourage lively discourses in class.
  • Chemistry probes into the nature of matter and the problem of pollution.
    It includes a new chapter on molecular mecha nisms underlying biological complexity.
  • Physics extends beyond the fundamentals of matter and energy. It also
    discusses radio and television communication, noise pollution, and basic electronics.

Melecio C. Deauna
Author: Carmelita M.Capco
Estrella E. Mendoza
Delia C. Navaza
Teresita F. Religioso
Bienvenido J. Valdes
Lilia G. Vengco
Gilbert G. Yang