Values Education Levels I–IV (2nd ed.)


At present when almost everyone’s values ystem is slowly deteriorating, the second edition ofthe Values Education Series may be the answer to the growing need for a re-evaluation of values, the core of one’s whole being. It brings into focus the most important areas of one’s life—oneself, one’s community, one’s neighbors, and one’s God.


Values Education Series for the SEDP


Project Director: Rolando R. Dizon, FSC
Coordinator: Monserrat R. Masbad
Authors: Ma. Zilpha P. Rallos and Ma. Victoria L. Tuvilla






Develops the adolescents’
value system!

Values Education series for the SEDP

Songs add excitement to the lessons, make retention easier, and serve as materials for reflection

random 1Themes provide a healthier chance of self-expression