Physical Education and Health



Physical Education and Health



Authors:  Richardson C. Gialogo & Ryan C. Gialogo

Copyright 2016

ISBN: 978-971-06-3917-5



Fit for Life: The K to 12 Physical Education and Health Textbook. The emphasis of this curriculum is to lead the student to health optimizing physical education for life, through: aerobic and muscle-and-bone strengthening exercises (PE 1: Grade 11, 1st Semester); individual, dual, and team sports in competitive and recreational settings (PE 2: Grade 11, 2nd Semester); dance, or rhythmical movement patterns (PE 3: Grade 12, 1st Semester); and recreational activities in outdoor, natural, or semi-natural settings (PE 4: Grade 12, 2nd Semester). This division of topics is adopted from the tertiary level system of having PE 1 through 4 in four semesters, facilitating the transition to the college level.

Designed as a folio of lesson plans that teachers and practitioners can easily implement, Fit for Life: The K to 12 Physical Education and Health Textbook hews closely to the DepEd’s Curriculum Guide of allowing for flexible curriculum, such that the array of sports activities to choose from depends on the resources of the school and the capability of the PE teacher to handle the classes. It offers both PE and Health teachers and students with flexible lessons and activities that suit their specific or unique timetables, circumstances, and resources of the school.