Reading and Writing


Reading and Writing


Integrated English for Effective Communication: Reading and Writing Skills Senior High School presents a holistic approach to functional language based on the theories on the reading-to-writing connections by Krashen, Tierney, and Pearson and incorporates the design of a task-based language teaching by Nunan.

To view reading and writing as a process of making meaning involves aspects of understanding. Reading provides the writer an extensive range of written texts essential for discourse constructs necessary in the development of language acquisition.

Coordinator: Alce M. Sentones

 Authors: Allen Montenegro-Gasulas, Fritzy Gay S. Lusica, Louie G. Mendoza, Ace Lyn U. Miranda, Mark Gleen O. Cidro, Anne Margareth A. Mallari, Danilo Ciceron T. Yabut

Copyright 2016

ISBN: 978-971-06-3869-7



English for the Globalized Classroom Series: Developing Reading and Writing Skills for Senior High School helps learners that are expected to gain knowledge and skills related to critical reading and academic writing. The units come with related and well-organized lessons aimed to discuss and to give ample practice to learners to tackle challenging reading and writing tasks that they will encounter when they practice their chosen profession in the near future.

For the teachers, this book gives them flexibility on how they can carry out the lessons and develop their creativity on how they should engage the learners to be active and at the same time make them realize their role not just as a source of knowledge, but facilitators of learning.

Author: Ma. Joahna M. Estacio, PhD

Copyright 2016

ISBN: 978-971-06-3755-3