Agri-Fishery Arts

Agri-Fishery Arts


Fish (Food) Processing Grade 11

The book is authored by Rosalinda Pascua, an NC II holder, trainer, and assessor in food processing. Fish (Food) Processing provides learners with profound knowledge and skills to acquire an NCII. The book covers topics that allow for mastery of skills such as the different ways of processing food and preparing production reports.


ISBN: 978-971-06-3936-6


Landscape Installation and Maintenance

It is written by Nenita C. Depalog. She completed her B.S. in Agricultural Education at Benguet State University. Landscaping Installation and Maintenance provides learners an in-depth knowledge and skills for NC II in accordance with industry standards. It covers the topics that allow mastery of skills such as installing and maintaining landscape designs for all types of development projects. The book aims to enhance the learners’ artistic side in growing, creating, and beautifying healthy landscapes. This course specialization leads to Landscaping Installation and Maintenance National Certificate (NC II).

Author: Nenita C. Depalog

Copyright 2016

ISBN: 978-971-06-3937-3