Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


Programming (Java) Grade 11

The book is authored by Deover M. Pasco, an NC II holder, trainer, and assessor of PC Operations and Computer Hardware Servicing. He is a curriculum writer for DepEd’s K to 12 Computer Hardware Servicing Learning Module. More, Mr. Pasco is the chairperson of TESDA Regional Competency Assessment and Certification Committee in Region XI. This book is the first to offer Programming (Java) for NC III hence, it provides learners with the required skills for the said NC. The lessons focus and enhance the Java programming skills of learners.


ISBN: 978-971-06-3934-2


Programming (Oracle Database)
Grade 12

The book is authored by John Christian B. Valdivia, an NC II holder in PC Hardware Servicing. The book centers on programming skills in Oracle Database. This course specialization leads to NC III.


ISBN: 978-971-06-3935-9


Medical Transcription Grade 11

Joanette G. Rodrigo, an NC II holder, is the author of the book. She fi nished her Masters in Business Administration at the International Academy of Business and Economics in Makati City. Medical Transcription provides the learners the core competencies on the proper usage of medical terminologies to carry out the task and using business technology to respond to customer’s needs. This course specialization leads to NC II.


ISBN: 978-971-06-3938-0


Animation Grade 11

Alma C. Ando, an NC II holder, trainer, and assessor for PC Operations and Hardware Servicing, is the author of the book. Animation provides learners with an in-depth knowledge and skills in animation in accordance with industry standards. Hence, it has lessons on producing cleaned-up and in-between drawings in both production and post-production stages. This course specialization leads to NC II.


ISBN: 978-971-06-3937-3