Industrial Arts

 Industrial Arts


ISBN: 978-971-06-3977-9


Consumer Electronics Servicing
Grade 11

The book is authored by Jovelyn S. Queja, a teacher and instructional manager at Ilocos Norte College of Arts and Trades. She finished her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Education major in Electronics Technology at Mariano Marcos State University. She obtained her units in Master of Arts in Education major in Technical Vocational Education at the same

Consumer Electronics Servicing Grade 11 covers the core competencies such as assembling and disassembling consumer electronic product and system; and maintaining and repairing electronically
controlled domestic appliances. This is a specialized course leading to NC II.



Electrical Installation and Maintenance covers core competencies such as installation of standard electrical protection systems for lighting and grounding and installation of electrical lighting systems, auxiliary outlets, and lighting fixtures. The book likewise has plenty of activities enhancing the learners’ knowledge, skills, and attitude in this specialized course. It leads them to attain NC II.


Author: Christopher Catublas